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Appinio Hype Train

Each and everyone of us assesses their own awareness of trends and topics in different ways. The perception of hot topics such as NFTs, the Metaverse or even brands like The North Face and Shein heavily depends on the "bubble" in which we live. 

But what do consumers think about those trends?

  • Find out what's got everybody talking
  • What are the favourite brands in each category?
  • Come aboard and don't miss any hype ever again!

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What's inside?


Weekly Insights

This week —
Sports consumption and betting on sporting events

Every issue is dedicated to a certain topic. Get the latest insights on topics like sustainability, trends and hypes on the fast track!


Hype Tracker

Handpicked Hypes every week

Get first row access to consumers' thoughts on the hottest topics. 


Consumer Tracker

Brands top of mind

Products, brands and passion — which brands do consumers love? Who's on top of their minds and which of them are falling out of favour? 

Who was surveyed?

Study design

For the Hype Train we survey 1,000 participants in the United Kingdom between 16 and 65 years, nationally representative by age and gender.

Among others, the Hype Train covers the following topics:

  1. What do UK respondents think about trends and hot topics like NFTs, sustainability and the Metaverse?
  2. Which brands do they prefer in certain product categories?
  3. Which brands are top-of-mind and which are perceived as most sustainable?  
  4. What are the product categories that UK respondents can't live without? 



About Appinio

Appinio is the global market research platform based in Hamburg, which enables companies to get thousands of opinions from specific target groups worldwide in just a few minutes. For the first time, everyone can validate decisions and ideas in real time - with representative results from consumers.

CEO & Founder
Jonathan Kurfess

What does Appinio do?

We test concepts and designs, measure brand awareness or track brands and campaigns. We provide your target group and enable you to find out what your customers think.

Who uses Appinio?

As the fastest solution for market research, Appinio provides feedback from 90+ markets. Over 1,000 companies from all industries use Appinio's comprehensive platform to turn agility and consumer centricity into reality.

What do our customers say about us?

"Appinio makes possible what is nowadays essential for marketers: to quickly get insights into the opinion of a target group."

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