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Crypto Spotlight

Appinio Crypto Spotlight

Web3, cryptocurrencies and NFTs have set the world alight — is the world of blockchain based tech less volatile than you might think? We take a deep dive in Appinio’s latest Spotlight.

Americans and crypto — a match made in heaven?

  • What's the appetite for NFTs and what' the crossover with those investing in crypto?
  • Where are Americans looking for trustworthy information about crypto and whom do they trust when it comes to investments?
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What's the perception of cryptocurrencies in other markets, and what's the appetite for investment? Who in Europe has the most open-minded investor mindset? Our Spotlight is available in several languages.


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Crypto Spotlight

Who was surveyed?

Study design

For our first Crypto Spotlight we surveyed 1.000 participants between 18 and 65 years, nationally representative by age and gender in the United States.

Among others, it addresses the following questions:

  1. What kind of investments do Americans have their hearts set on? 
  2. How do Americans seek investment advice?
  3. Who is the classic crypto buyer? What are the key differences by demographic?
  4. Which cryptocurrencies are the most popular?
  5. And who is buying NFTs and why?



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Javier Corral
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