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How Jägermeister Uses Appinio for Quick Creative Tests of Key Visuals in Product Advertising




Consumer goods (liqueur)

Use Case

Creative test (advertising poster)



Set Up

4 x 500 participants

Men & women: 21 to 39 years old in US; 18 to 39 years old in UK

14 questions

Field time: 24 hours


Jägermeister is a German success story. The herbal liqueur from Wolfenbüttel in Lower Saxony came onto the market in 1935 and has long been an internationally successful spirits brand. The spirits company Mast-Jägermeister SE is one of the world's leading premium producers and has been selling the world-famous herbal liqueur for over 80 years. It is based on a secret recipe of 56 different herbs, flowers and roots. Today, Jägermeister is marketed in over 140 countries. With total sales of 97 million 0.7 litre bottles in 2018, the brand with the stag is the best-selling premium liqueur in the world.

As far as product development is concerned, the company is constantly working on line extensions of Jägermeister. In May 2019, Jägermeister decided to test the design of an advertising poster in the important sales markets of the USA and Great Britain in order to promote a new flavour in an eye-catching way.

Jägermeister uses Appinio's market research platform for quick checks of key visuals. The goal is to quickly obtain direct feedback from the target group on creatives and use consumer feedback to optimize product promotion.


Before the product launch of a new line extension, Jägermeister wanted to find out whether the advertising poster designed for the new drink was eye-catching enough. It was also a question of investigating whether the new taste is communicated in an understandable way and whether the poster aroused curiosity to try it out.


500 survey participants up to the age of 39 rated the advertising poster in a design test with Appinio. In the USA, the survey was conducted from the age of 21, in Great Britain from the age of 18.  Other target audience characteristics were that men and women buy and consume spirits and are not opposed to Jägermeister.


The marketing managers responsible for Jägermeister were particularly concerned with analyzing which elements of the poster were perceived by the survey participants and whether the new Jägermeister flavor immediately caught their eye.


The participants were also asked how well the new product fits the brand, the so-called brand fit, whether they would try the new taste creation and how they would consume the new drink, for example as a shot or cocktail.


After the survey was created, it was reviewed by Appinio market researchers and sent to the field of participants just a few minutes later. From then on, the brand was able to follow the results live via the Appinio dashboard. The survey was completed within 24 hours and could then be evaluated by Jägermeister using the analysis functions in the dashboard.



During the survey analysis, it became apparent that the target group could only insufficiently remember the flavor shown on the poster. From a selection of ten different flavors, only about two thirds of the respondents were able to correctly select the flavor shown on the advertising medium. For a supported question, the value of advertising recall was relatively low so that Jägermeister decided to design a new poster and test it again four weeks later, again with 500 respondents each in the US and UK in the same target group.


When designing the new advertising poster, the amount of copy was reduced and the taste was visualized more strongly and unmistakably. This was reflected in the survey results: The new variant performed significantly better with the target group. The supported advertising recall of the new Jägermeister flavor was over 80 percent, which was a satisfactory result compared to the first poster version. In addition, the already positive brand fit ("How well does the product match your perception of the Jägermeister brand?") even increased. The new poster also motivated more respondents to try out the new drink.


Through the creative test with Appinio, Jägermeister obtained important feedback from the target group on the perception and optimization possibilities of the key visual. Consumer opinion therefore had a central influence on the launch campaign of the new Jägermeister flavor.


Symbolic picture


Jägermeister Case Study von Appinio Werbemittel-Test Creative Test


“We like to use Appinio for quick checks on our key visuals for Jägermeister. With Appinio, we get fast and clear consumer feedback regarding some important KPIs. This sets Appinio apart from other providers.”

Susanna Kagerhuber, Head of Global Strategic Research & Insight bei Mast-Jägermeister SE

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