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Set Up

500 participants

Users exposed to campaign in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

31 questions

Field time: 24 hours


Pulse Advertising is one of the leading influencer marketing agencies, offering a powerful network of over 20,000 social media influencers with a combined reach of over 1 billion users. Founded in 2014, Pulse Advertising began in Hamburg, Germany, and has since expanded its offices globally to Milan, Italy, London, United Kingdom, New York City, USA.

For agencies like Pulse Advertising, it is crucial to empirically prove the success of the marketing campaigns they develop for their clients. On social media channels, users are confronted with a multitude of different influencers and campaigns all day long.

Consequently, it is difficult for marketers to determine whether and how their marketing campaign is perceived among the amount of information. Therefore, when tracking the success of social media campaigns, it is insufficient to just analyze app-specific data (e.g. interactions, clicks or reactions). Rather, an in-depth analysis should be used to determine the overall impact of a campaign, for instance, on the target audience’s brand perception or its willingness to buy a specific product or service. Relevant target groups – to a large extent young generations – are, however, hard to reach with traditional methods of market research.

With the help of Appinio’s panel, Pulse Advertising is able to target specific follower groups on social media who were exposed to influencer marketing campaigns. Using various question types, Pulse Advertising can explore more than just general attitudes but learn about free associations, criticism, and opinions of the target group.

In order to measure the success of a client’s influencer marketing campaign on Instagram, Pulse Advertising conducted a survey with Appinio. 


Pulse Advertising wanted to find out whether Instagram users had noticed a customer’s campaign, how they rated the campaign and the advertised product, and whether the campaign had increased the users’ willingness to buy the product.


Using Appinio’s  global market research tool, Pulse Advertising surveyed 500 participants in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland who followed influencers involved in the campaign on Instagram. Participants were between 14 and 60 years old and about two thirds of them were female. Because the target group was highly specific, 87 per cent of participants were below the age of 25.


In addition to single choice questions, Likert scales, and open-ended questions, photos and videos from the campaign were also embedded in the questionnaire. Further, before participation, participants were screened and filtered so that only those who perceived the campaign on Instagram participated in the survey.


After Pulse Advertising created the survey, the questionnaire was reviewed by Appinio's market research consultants and sent to the participants within just a few minutes. From then on, Pulse Advertising was able to track the results in real time via the Appinio dashboard. The survey was completed within five hours and Pulse Advertising then analyzed and evaluated it using the dashboard's analytics tool.


The results of the Appinio study helped Pulse Advertising to both measure and present the success of the Instagram campaign to the customer, and to identify optimization potential for future campaigns.


The content of the campaign reached the users primarily via photos and less via Instagram stories. Overall, more than 60 per cent of the users found the campaign engaging and appealing. Users also associated the content of the campaign with positive terms such as "cool" and "nice". 


In terms of willingness to buy, over 47 per cent of respondents indicated that they were likely to buy the product. In addition, the survey allowed Pulse Advertising to establish which influencer photo would most likely encourage users to take a closer look at the advertised product.


Furthermore, with the help of Appinio, Pulse Advertising and the customer obtained a variety of insights and opportunities to improve and optimize future social media campaigns.

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If you need fast and valid campaign insights on social media channels, Appinio is the right partner for you.

Jonas Wolf, Executive Director DACH

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