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Universidad Villanueva identified the key points to design its new strategic degrees with Appinio's Kano analysis


Universidad Villanueva




Concept Test

Study setup

Concept Test

Marketing and communication executives. Prospective students

Use of Kano analysis

Duration: 48 hours


Universidad Villanueva is one of Madrid's longest running private universities and offers a wide range of undergraduate and master's degrees related to communication, education, psychology, business and law.

Universidad Villanuva promotes higher education based on personalized education, a university ecosystem centered on the individual, aiming for all those who are part of it to grow, develop, evolve and prepare for the future.


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Universidad Villanueva was planning to launch its new strategic degrees, so it was crucial that the content of these degrees be relevant and in line with the needs of employers in the marketing departments of companies. 

It was also essential to understand how these new degrees would be perceived by prospective students, so that strategic marketing and communication decisions would have a greater impact and be in line with the expectations of future students.  



Universidad Villanueva and Appinio worked hand in hand to create a study that would allow the educational entity to validate its degrees with professionals and future students.


The study designed by Appinio consisted of a concept test that included a Kano analysis. Such a study would not only determine which elements of the degree were rated positively or negatively, but also find out in detail what effect these would have on the satisfaction of the future employer or student.

For this purpose, a distinction was made between the following categories: 

  • Performance features (Optimal):
    Elements that would put a candidate with such a degree ahead of the rest

  • Attractive features (Attractive):
    Elements that would add value in hiring the candidate

  • Basic features (Must-haves):
    Basic or minimum elements that must be in place in order to be recruited

  • Neutral features (Indifferent):
    Elements which are indifferent

  • Reversed features (Negative):
    Elements that impact negatively on recruitment


Once the study was completed, Universidad Villanueva was able to access a graph with a categorisation of the factors in tabular form (discrete analysis) and in the form of a scatter diagram to take into account more precise trends (continuous analysis). By means of such a graph, the results of the study can be visualised and used immediately for decision-making.


After carrying out the concept test, Villanueva University was able to:

  • Effectively identify the most attractive elements of its strategic degrees to prospective recruiters

  • Evaluate the fit between its strategic degrees and the labour market

  • Set the right priorities at the beginning of the degree lifecycle and at a critical time for launching the degrees

  • Introduce changes and readjust the content of its degrees to adapt them as much as possible to the expectations of potential students

  • Identify the most important aspects of communication and dissemination of the degrees that differentiate them from the competition for prospective students

  • Differentiate between the characteristics considered as basic and those that encourage decision making in a matter of seconds, through Appinio's interactive dashboard



























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"At Universidad Villanueva we know that listening is the first step if we want to understand our stakeholders. We relied on Appinio to design a study that would allow us to obtain a holistic but very deep vision of the perception of our new degrees. The level of detail we obtained with the Kano model allowed us to make strategic decisions with confidence when designing these studies and their following communication."

Alejandro Matas García, Marketing and Communication


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