Sellpy Circular Fashion Report — Spotlight

A look inside the wardrobe

Circular Fashion Report Volume 2

We've teamed up with Sellpy and surveyed 1,000 Germans to get to know their fashion habits.

This is what you'll get:

  • Strategic, impulsive or sentimental — that's how Germans clean their closets
  • Chaos or organisation: how to arrange a wardrobe
  • Together forever — how long do Germans wear their clothes? 
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Circular Fashion Report 2022

Behind closet doors

How do Germans define sustainable consumption and how well do they like second-hand clothing? Get access to the full report.


Download the Circular Fashion Report

Future of Work Report 2021

Who was surveyed?

Study design

For both reports we've surveyed 1,000 german participants between 18 and 65 each. The samples are representative by age and gender. Among others the reports answer the following questions:


  1. How do Germans like second-hand clothing? 
  2. How many people have unworn clothes in their wardrobes and how much money are they worth?
  3. How often do Germans clean out their wardrobes and what methods do they use? 
  4. What attributes do Germans associate with second-hand shopping?
  5. What are the pros and cons for second-hand shopping?



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