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Identifying the optimal packaging

The French company Bonduelle produces and sells canned and frozen products, fresh vegetables, bagged salads and ready-to-eat mixed salads worldwide. With a presence in more than 100 countries, it is the market leader in the processed vegetable sector.


FMCG (food)


Test Type
Packaging Test




To optimize its packaging, Bonduelle sought to determine which packaging for mixed salads most appealed to its target audience and the information it should include.
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Research setup

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    Men and women aged 20-65 in Germany

  • 500


  • 19


  • 5

    Hours field time


From the results obtained, Bonduelle was able to determine the most visually appealing packaging design to its target audience for a variety of products. 
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    Identifying decisive factors in the purchase decision

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    Get feedback from its target audience

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    Elements to include for optimal package design

Why Bonduelle loves Appinio

Thanks to Appinio, we have a fast tool that delivers valid results on a daily basis so that we can quickly and appropriately react to customer needs.

Sonja Mäckle

Product Manager at Bonduelle

Sonja Mäckle – Bonduelle

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