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Visual Testing

Identify the most promising logos, packaging designs, and visual concepts before launching your campaign. Save time and resources by making informed decisions and allocating your budget where it matters most.

Advantages of Visual Testing

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    Easily analyze visual elements and gather invaluable insights to enhance your product.

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    Discover the features that truly matter to your customers during brainstorming and conceptualization.

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    Fuel your design process with customer feedback. Craft experiences that resonate with your audience.

Design Test

Elevate your brand with Design Testing

Say goodbye to the trial-and-error when it comes to naming, claims, advertising materials, and packaging. Our design tests empower you to tap into your consumers' perceptions, capturing their attention, enhancing brand recognition, and influencing purchasing decisions.


Logo test

Craft brand identity with Logo Testing

Uncover the true essence of your brand's identity with logo tests. Our methodical testing incorporates tailored questions and insightful comparisons to yield powerful insights. Elevate the impact of your logo, convey your brand's essence, and establish lasting connections.


Visual Test use cases

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    App Design Test

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    Web Design Test

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    Packaging Test

  • Hero-Icon_Recognise

    Idea Screening

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    Naming Test

  • Hero-Icon_Public-Transportation-1

    Logo Test

Essential Visual Testing questions

  • For captivating strategic claims

    Which claim best aligns with my brand strategy and appeals to consumers?

  • For packaging perfection

    Which packaging design is the most appealing to my customers and target group?

  • For designs that drive reach

    Which design can effectively reach and excite the maximum number of (potential) customers about my brand and product?

Visual Testing explained

  • A visual test helps to identify promising claims, logos, packaging design, or entire visual concepts before launching a campaign. This way, you can avoid making wrong and costly decisions and allocate your budget to what works best.
  • The monadic approach is the most suitable method for a visual test. Unlike a semi-monadic survey, this approach is more informative and less biased as respondents are shown only one visual per survey. This eliminates the possibility of participants being influenced by previous designs and answering differently.
  • Testing a visual image can range from logo test to advertising posters. It can be conducted by first conducting a target group analysis followed by survey creation or individual evaluations ("either-or"), asking about associations with desired terms (e.g. whether image evokes enjoyment, relaxation, etc.), then concluding direct comparison.

More use cases & methods

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Logo test

How can a logo be tested and what needs to be considered?
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Design test

Let your own target group have a say and ask how designs or ads are received by the target group as early as the conception phase.
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IAT (implicit association testing)

Test unconscious perceptions and associations of your target group.
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Brand awareness

Measuring brand image: What do consumers associate with a brand?
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