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Our consumer app leverages intrinsic motivation and novel engagement techniques to deliver truthful contributions from large, global audiences on demand and in real-time


Drop-Out Rate


Survey Responses


Opinions per Day


Invite Friends & Family

Gamification approach enables high speed panel

The smartphone is superior to other devices when it comes to conducting market research surveys and our unique app-based panel approach results in higher panelist engagement, more truthful answers and best-in-class data quality. It also results in a representative and well-balanced panel since basically everyone owns a smartphone today.

A dedicated platform to share opinions

People enjoy sharing their opinions and seeing what others think. Driven by the pure pursuit of curiosity, users spend most of their time answering brief multiple choice questions and are given the chance to see how they match up against their peers.

Immediate comparison of opinions with other users


Users create their own questions and receive feedback from the community


Credits earned through answering surveys can be donated or exchanged for vouchers

We do things differently

How we keep our panel motivated

  • notifications

    Push notifications

    Mobile push notifications allow to prompt users to answer surveys at any time
  • motivated

    High user engagement

    Through networking with the Appinio community and other social features, Appinio becomes a favorite app for many users
  • close-people

    Close to people

    Market research with a human approach - Appinio collects opinions directly from people's everyday lives
  • market-research

    Market Research made fun

    Many surveys are completed by hundreds of respondents within a few minutes due to it’s gamification character
  • engagement

    Users open the app multiple times a day

    The Appinio App offers various incentives. From comparing opinions and gamification to creating your own short questions
  • reinvented

    Market Research reinvented

    Instead of trying to squeeze traditional market research into a mobile format, Appinio has redefinded market research

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