Visual Testing

Let consumers be your co-creators. Ask what they think about your new logo, website or packaging and create designs that truly speak to your audience.

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Understand how consumers think

Instead of assuming, ask your customers directly and get the answers you need in minutes (literally).

Visual testing 101

In a nutshell

Learn more in our "Market Research ABC": When to use visual tests, what for and how to conduct the tests.


Step-by-step guide

Claim tests

Make sure the words you use tell the right story and speak to your customers.


Step-by-step guide

Design tests

Don't guess, ask what your customers think about your new packaging, visual identity, ad creatives or product design.



Logo tests

Sure, you love your new logo but do your customers? Ask them directly and get the feedback you need in minutes.


Become a market research rockstar

Everything at one glance in the Appinio ABC for Market Research.


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