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Visual Test

Let consumers be your co-creators. Ask what they think about your new logo, website or packaging and create designs that truly speak to your audience.
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Here's why you need Media Testing

Media testing studies are crucial as they deliver data-driven insights into advertising and marketing effectiveness. This will enable you to fully understand what is working where and how to better allocate your resources.

Ultimately you can ensure a better engagement with the target audience and more successful campaigns.

Advantages of Media Testing

  • Hero-Icon_Recognise

    Identify which ads are most effective and allocate your resources more efficiently.

  • Hero-Icon_Awareness

    Increase sales, brand recognition and customer engagement.

  • Hero-Icon_Health-1

    Know exactly what claim works with your target audience.

Methods to include in Media Testing

Ad Test

Ensure advertising success with an Ad Test


Claim test

Captivate your audience with a winning claim


Shelf test

Elevate your shelf game



Know what caught your customers' eyes


KPIs to measure

  • Hero-Icon_Health

    Brand Perception

  • Hero-Icon_Recognise

    Brand Awareness

  • Hero-Icon_Content

    Brand Image

  • Hero-Icon_Ad

    Share of Voice

  • Hero-Icon_Dashboard

    Media Appeal & Likability

  • Hero-Icon_NPS

    Media Channel Preference

  • Hero-Icon_Online-Shopping

    Ad Recall

  • Hero-Icon_Opinions

    Shelf Impact & Visibility

Essential Media Testing questions

  • For allocating your budget

    Which ads performed better with the target audience? What claims are the most successful?

  • For the perfect marketing strategy

    What is the impact of new media on my marketing mix? How many consumers can I reach?

  • For reaching the spotlight

    What is my best shelf strategy? Where should I place my product to obtain maximum visibility?

Visual testing explained (TO BE REMOVED)

More use cases & methods

Evaluate how well your ads, claims, or creative elements perform with these methods


Visual test

Let consumers be your co-creators. Ask what they think about your new logo, website or packaging and create designs that truly speak to your audience.
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Brand awareness

Measuring brand image: What do consumers associate with a brand?
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Target group analysis

Gen Z or Millenials? Yoga lovers or CrossFit fans? Get a clear understanding of your target audience to create great products that they will actually need and love.
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Consumer tracking

Understand how consumers think and what drives their choices. From purchase frequency to product use, to drivers and barriers - we've got all the answers you need, in real time.
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What elements catch your customers' eyes? Explore your brand from their perspective with a Heatmap and get ready to make a lasting impression.
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A/B Testing

Always choose the winning version of your product, marketing campaign, or website design with the game-changing magic of A/B testing. Master the art and science of running experiments and get tangible results.
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