Brand Tracking

Don’t fly blind. Measure and track your brand's performance to stay on top of consumers' perceptions of you.
Brand Tracking

Track your brand’s performance

  • operation-support

    Brand awareness

  • engagement

    Brand consideration

  • checkmark

    Brand usage

  • easy

    First choice

  • people

    Brand buzz

  • motivated

    Net Promoter Score

  • visualization

    Ad awareness

  • comparison

    Brand attributes


brand Tracking

Be on the right track

If you want to be at the top of your game, you have to be on top of your brand’s performance metrics. Know how your customers feel about your product or service at any given moment with brand tracking.

brand Tracking

brand Positioning

Measure brand attributes

Knowing how your brand’s attributes compare to those of your competitors is the first step to winning the race. Don't assume - ask, and find out where you stand in consumers’ minds.

Measure brand attributes

Customer Satisfaction

A happy customer is a loyal customer

Your brand is only as good as your consumers think it is. Track customer satisfaction and find out how they feel about your product or service over time. From NPS, to CSAT, to CES - you name it, we track it and interpret the results for you.

Customer Satisfaction

Brand performance

Track your Brand Performance at every stage

With so many KPIs to look at while evaluating your brand's performance: brand awareness, consideration, usage, customer satisfaction... It's hard to know where to begin. Don't worry, we'll help you choose the most relevant metrics and methods according to your goals and guide you to the top score.

Brand performance

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