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Psychographic Target Group Analysis

Unlock the secrets behind your target audience's behavior. Discover the triggers and motivations that drive your target group. Connect with your audience on a deeper level for greater engagement and satisfaction.

Advantages of Psychographic Target Group Analysis

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    Gain deep insights into the true motivations behind consumer behavior, empowering you to enhance relevance and influence choices.

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    Derive tangible strategies tailored to your target group, including the ideal media channels, tone of voice, and product design that resonate with their needs.

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    Break free from surface-level data and tap into the power of motives and attitudes, allowing for a more meaningful differentiation between individuals.


Tailor your approach to perfection

Discover the art of achieving unparalleled alignment between your product or service and the desires of your target group. Unlock the key to market success by forging a deeper connection with your audience.

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Understanding the 'Why' is your competitive edge

Sociodemographic and attitudinal data provide insight into WHO consumers are and WHAT they do, but they don't explain WHY consumers make choices or how brands can benefit from this insight.

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Decoding people's behavioral drive with the right data

The psychographic approach was crafted in collaboration with Cronbach, our partners specializing in advanced algorithms rooted in established behavioral psychology models and cutting-edge data science. The diagnostic tools they offer are synonymous with exceptional quality, setting industry standards.


KPIs to measure

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    Develop Marketing Campaigns

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    Product Development

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    Targeting Strategies

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    Product Messaging

Essential Psychographic Target Group Analysis questions

  • To unveil motivations

    What drives my target's behavior — the desire for success & efficiency, personal belonging, or influence & control?

  • To craft compelling appeal

    Which words and images should we use to captivate and connect with our consumers?

  • For winning differentiation

    Which benefits hold the key to persuading customers and setting us apart from the competition?

  • To assess emotional connection

    How does our target audience feel about our brand? What about their perception of competitors' brands?

Psychographic Target Group Analysis explained

  • The target group analysis is the foundation for an effective and successful brand and communication strategy. It uncovers what types of people are likely to buy your brand and why.
  • To conduct a target group analysis, you need to precisely identify the target audience, define their characteristics and needs, and use different research methods such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gain insights into their behaviors, preferences, and motivations.
  • The main types of target group analysis in market research include demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographic segmentation.
  • To identify your target market, some methods may include analyzing your offerings, conducting market research, creating customer profiles and market segments, and assessing the competition.
  • A target audience refers to a group of individuals who share similar needs and wants. This group is often characterized based on demographics and socio-economic factors, such as "unmarried women between the ages of 25 and 40 with a high income."
  • Psychographic target groups are groups from which their values, beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyle are examined to derive insights into consumer motivations and pain points.
  • When using the Appinio panel, data collection is conducted with the Psychographic questionnaire developed by Cronbach following a market analysis and deciding on core psychological segments.

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