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Campaign Tracking

Uncover actionable insights and optimize strategies. Maximize ROI through precise and comprehensive campaign measurement and analysis.
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Here's why you need Campaign Tracking

A comprehensive campaign tracking study acts as the strategic compass steering your marketing efforts.

It ensures effective resource allocation, aligns messaging with your audience, and evolves campaigns to yield optimal results, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

Advantages of Campaign Tracking

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    Evaluate campaign impact accurately by aligning questionnaires with objectives and KPIs, ensuring dependable insights.

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    Maximize budget impact by evaluating diverse advertising channels, ensuring effective resource allocation.

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    Continuously enhance campaigns with measurements, strategically refining for optimal performance.

How to measure effectiveness of campaigns

1 Set clear goals | Pre-Launch

Align pre-testing objectives with campaign goals and relevant KPIs.

2 Craft precise surveys | Pre-Launch

Create surveys for audience preferences and message impact.

3 Segment effectively | Pre-Launch

Segment the audience for design and messaging insights.

4 Use monadic surveys | Pre-Launch

Evaluate various designs' impact using monadic surveys for focused results.

5 Ensure fresh sampling | Pre-Launch

Draw a random, new sample to eliminate bias & ensure accurate insights.

6 Refine creatives | Pre-Launch

Analyze results to enhance campaign elements for optimal resonance.

7 Launch Campaign

Set your advertising campaign live.

8 Continual assessment | Post-Launch

Monitor campaign performance throughout its duration.

9 Multi-stage tracking | Post-Launch

Measure at campaign start, intervals, and end for a holistic view.

10 Blend brand-campaign tracking | Post-Launch

Combine both tracking methods for precise impact assessment.

11 Get insights, compare & refine | Post-Launch

Analyze pre & post data and refine future campaigns & strategies.

KPIs to measure

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    Conversion Rate

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    Brand Awareness Lift

  • Hero-Icon_Usage

    Engagement Metrics

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    Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Hero-Icon_Low-cost

    Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

  • Hero-Icon_Dashboard

    Media Channel Performance

  • Hero-Icon_Awareness-1

    Ad Recall and Recognition

Essential Campaign Tracking questions

  • For advertising channel assessment

    Through which advertising channels did the target audience encounter the advertising?

  • For optimal channel effect

    Within the media mix, which advertising channel had the most significant impact?

  • For audience segmentation

    Are there notable differences in the advertising's impact among different segments of the target audience?

  • For message clarity

    Was the advertising message clear and understandable to the target audience?

  • For desired action

    Did the advertising motivate the target audience to take the desired action?

Campaign Tracking explained

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