Campaign Tracking

Knowing the reach and the click-through rate is great. But what's the real impact of your campaign on your brand?

Track relevant campaign KPIs

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    First Choice

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    Product Usage

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    Brand Awareness

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    Ad Understanding

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    Ad Channel Awareness

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    Brand Associations

Maximize the impact of your campaigns

Do a deep dive into your campaigns' performance and track how they affect your brand's perception metrics.

Measure the real impact

How did a campaign affect your brand awareness? What about purchase intent? Any increase in brand likeability? We've got answers to these and many more crucial questions.

Measure the real impact

Test before you spend

With all the possible placements, formats and creatives, the possibilities are endless. Budgets? Not so much. Make sure you test your campaign before launching to make the most out of it.

Test before you spend

Become a market research rockstar

Everything at one glance in the Appinio ABC for Market Research.


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