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Consumer Tracking

Understand how consumers think and what drives their choices. From purchase frequency to product use, to drivers and barriers - we've got all the answers you need, in real time.

Advantages of Consumer Tracking

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    Access real-time data on purchase frequency, product usage, and buying decision influencers, enabling real-time strategy adjustments.

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    Understand the motivations behind your customers' purchasing choices and discover the obstacles preventing them from making a purchase.

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    Find subtle nuances affecting consumer decisions, revealing unexpected insights to shape your business strategies.

MaxDiff Scaling

Find what matters to customers

MaxDiff Scaling reveals the key insights behind your customers' preferences by quantifying the maximum difference between alternatives. Unlock the power of consumer tracking today.


Mystery Shopping

Discover insights, enhance experiences

Discover the objective customer perspective through Mystery Shopping, enabling you to pinpoint areas for improvement and refine your services based on real experiences.


KPIs to measure

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    Brand Awareness

  • Hero-Icon_Driver-Barrier

    Driver and Barriers

  • Hero-Icon_Calendar

    Purchase Frequency

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    Purchase Channel

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    Usage Situation

  • Hero-Icon_First-Choice-1

    First Choice

  • Hero-Icon_Operational-support

    Top of Mind

  • Hero-Icon_Usage

    Product Use

Essential Consumer Tracking questions

  • For feature prioritization

    What are the expectations of different target groups regarding the product features? Which new potential features should be prioritized for implementation?

  • For consistent customer experiences

    Are there any specific issues or barriers that prevent customers from making a purchase or enjoying a positive experience?

  • For target audience insights

    Are there any discrepancies between customer feedback and the actual customer experiences observed through Mystery Shopping?

Consumer Tracking explained

  • Consumer tracking refers to the practice of collecting and analyzing data related to consumer behavior, such as their browsing habits, purchase history, brand awareness, drivers and barriers and more.
  • The data collected in a consumer tracking study is used to gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences, which can be used to inform marketing strategies, but also product and service development / optimisation.
  • When consumer tracking studies are done properly and regularly, the benefits are mulitple: gaining insights into consumer preferences and behaviors, identifying trends, improving products and services to better meet consumer needs, increasing customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Consumer trends and buying behavior can be tracked by analyzing data such as purchase history, browsing behavior, brand awareness, purchase intent and demographic information, but a few studies (i.e. waves) have to be carried out before starting to identfy trends and buying behavior. This data is collected, analyzed and mapped easily using the Appinio Platform.

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