Consumer Tracking

Understand how consumers think and what drives their choices. From purchase frequency to product use, to drivers and barriers - we've got all the answers you need, in real time.

Track consumer behaviour

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    Brand awareness

  • Hero-Icon_Click

    Product use

  • Hero-Icon_Recognise

    Top of mind

  • Hero-Icon_First-Choice-1

    First choice

  • Hero-Icon_Driver-Barrier

    Drivers and barriers

  • Hero-Icon_Purchase-1

    Purchase channel

  • Hero-Icon_Calendar-2

    Purchase frequency

  • Hero-Icon_UX

    Usage situation

Understand how consumers think

Instead of assuming, ask your customers directly and get the answers you need in minutes (literally).

Track buying behaviour

How often do your consumers buy what they buy? What drives them and what stops them from pulling the trigger? We've got all the answers you need in real time.

Track buying behaviour

Understand what drives your customers

To buy or not to buy? Find out what makes or breaks your consumers' decision. The answers might surprise you.

Understand what drives your customers

Become a market research rockstar

Everything at one glance in the Appinio ABC for Market Research.


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