Our philosophy

Doing good drives business success

Being a B Corp certified company means that we have met the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, and that we pledge to continue meeting them.
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Appinio as a B corp

  • What is a B Corp certification?

    Benefit Corporations (or B Corps) are companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Essentially, it's like a gold star for companies that truly care about people, the planet, and profits.

  • What does it mean for Appinio to be B Corp-Certified?

    Our mission is to balance purpose and profit, and we've made significant strides towards that goal in the last two years. We've introduced new processes internally and externally and launched initiatives that will touch on everything from onboarding to impact measurement.

  • Why is Appinio a B Corp?

    Our high scores in governance reflects our transparency, ethics, and consideration for stakeholders, and our DNA is built on the belief that great people need to be enabled to do great things. As such, we try to set the bar high, taking excellent care of our workers, with health benefits and flexible policies that allow everyone to perform at their best.

  • What is our mission as a B corp?

    We believe that through being conscientious about the world around us ,we can help make the world a better place for everyone.

  • How does Appinio showcase its commitment?

    In line with our adherence to the UN SDGs, we’ve released our inaugural Impact Report on Appinio’s social and environmental impact alongside growth figures for the past year. The report underscores our commitment to scaling sustainably and unifying fiscal, social, and environmental responsibility.

"As a B Corp, we are committed to constantly reviewing and transparently reporting on our social and environmental impact. We want to demonstrate that building a profitable, high-growth business only comes with a commitment to the people around us and our environment. We’re looking to set an example that we hope others will follow.”


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Our commitment to our mission

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    Start ups

    We offer 10% discount for startups
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    Bonus credits

    We also offer 10% bonus credits to all clients holding any of the certificates listed on our site joining the effort to fight climate change
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    We double employee donations for selected charity projects
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    We plant a tree for every client survey conducted – and we offer our community of app users opportunities to offset their emissions, too
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    Carbon neutral

    We’re carbon neutral and pledge to maintain this no matter how big we get
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    Direct impact

    We donate 1% of our revenues (not profits!) to fight climate change

Not just “another sustainability thing”

B Corp certification is more than just a one-time act of environmental or social consciousness. It’s a milestone which assesses a company's overall impact and demands ongoing accountability and commitment, while also connecting companies to a global community of impact-driven businesses. 

We're proud to join thousands of other global companies and notable brands like Allbirds, Patagonia, Warby Parker, and Kickstarter. 

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Appinio offers 10% additional bonus credits on all Research Plans to all clients holding any of the certificates listed on our pricing page.

“B Corp certification is not just a one-time event, it’s a commitment to continuous improvement, and we’re looking forward to sharing our journey. We might have a new badge to display, but our mission has always been the same: to prove that doing good & business success go hand-in-hand”


Jonathan Kurfess

Founder & Chairman

What we achieved so far (Yes, we like numbers)

  • 150/d

    Our app helps us plant about 150 trees every day. That's roughly 54,750 trees per year!

  • 55k

    We plant around 55k trees per year via our environmental partners each year.

  • 1181tCO₂e

    Since our founding, we've offset around 1181 metric tonnes of carbon.

  • 90.6

    Our B Impact Score is 90.6 – 50 is the median score for ordinary businesses.

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