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Costs less than making the wrong decision

Appinio enables everybody to run market research and understand their audience.

Research as you go

You have a one-off project or want to try out Appinio first?

Starting from $900
Price per Credit $2.25

Welcome Package

Included with your first project (Research as you go & All plans)

New to Appinio and not a market research pro? We‘ve got your back. As a new customer, we want you to experience the full power Appinio can bring to your company without having to worry about anything. Therefore, for your very first project with us, our premium “Full-Service research” package – normally exclusive to the Business package - is on us.

  • Personal onboarding by one of our consultants
  • Consulting on research design and methodology
  • Questionnaire design
  • Questionnaire programming
  • Consulting on results

Annual Plans

Ready to transform your business and become consumer-centric? Appinio’s research plans get you there. Each plan carries a package of credits to meet your market research needs. Enjoy benefits like free bonus credits, reduced prices for additional credits and best-in-class consulting.


Individual decision maker, freelancer or researcher

Price per credit


Save up to 16%

Starting from 20,000 credits

Plan Starter can be used for...

  • One multi-country study, OR
  • One single-country tracking study (quarterly), OR
  • Three to five ad-hoc studies (e.g. concept test, creative test, pricing analysis)


Insights unit or business team

Price per credit


save up to 33%

Starting from 100,000 credits

Plan Team can be used for...

  • Two multi-country studies, AND
  • One single-country tracking study (monthly), AND
  • Nine to twelve ad-hoc studies (e.g. concept test, creative test, pricing analysis)


Small-/medium-sized B2C or professional service company

Price per credit


save up to 42%

Starting from 275,000 credits

Plan Business can be used for...

  • Quarterly multi-country studies, AND
  • Two single-country tracking studies (monthly), AND
  • 24 to 36 ad-hoc studies (e.g. concept test, creative test, pricing analysis)


Small-/medium-sized B2C or professional service company

Every enterprise is different – please contact us for your individual quote

Plan Enterprise can be used for...

  • Highly customized projects (e.g., multiple trackings, weekly multi-country ad hoc studies)

Select your Market

In order to connect you with the correct point of contact at Appinio, we need to know the region you are operating from.

What's also included






Research Consulting

Not included in Research As You Go

Questionnaire quality check / feedback
Questionnaire programming
Full-Service Research

Customer Success

Not included in Research As You Go

Dedicated onboarding
Customer Success expert
Initial maturity & risk assessment


Included in Research As You Go

Unlimited user access to platform
Live Dashboard
Powerful, real-time analysis tool
Access our global consumer panels
Unlimited access to industry report data

Up to 80 questions per survey
20+ question types
Individual target groups (e.g. brand)
Specify age, gender & region

Photo/video recordings by participants
Filter by demographic attributes
Download formats (PPT, XLS, CSV)
Video, trailer & spot testing

Support for Climate Neutral companies

10% additional bonus credits on all Research Plans

At Appinio, we strive for a climate-neutral company culture. For this reason, we would like to thank our customers for sharing this goal with us. For us, climate protection means identifying and quantifying the current sources of CO2 emissions within our own operations as a priority, with a goal which looks towards carbon neutrality.


One possible step towards these net zero goals is compensating for all current non-avoidable emissions in the short term with a climate protection project, i.e. to engage in projects elsewhere that offset our own CO2 emissions. This can be done, for instance, by planting forests. Even if this can only be a temporary solution in relation to the actual problem, it is a good first step.


Customers who have earned the “Carbon Neutral” label by working with the following service providers (even if it was initially achieved “only” through compensation) should also be rewarded by us:



Appinio offers 10% additional bonus credits on all Research Plans to all clients holding any of the certificates listed above.

How many credits do I need?

Price calculator

Please contact us to request prices for specific target groups.

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6 reasons for using Appinio

Global Reach

Over 1 million new opinions from our global panels every day


Up to 1000 completes

in just 10 minutes


End-to-end automation and mobile technologies enable market research at a fraction of the usual cost


+1200 characteristics per participant and access to Millennials & Gen Z


No lengthy processes - with Appinio, anyone can carry out market research autonomously


Highest data quality through focus on user experience and intrinsic motivation