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Who answers my survey?

With Appinio, you never need to worry about getting results. Your survey is automatically sent to our market research panel consisting of thousands of users of Appinio app users. When creating your survey, you can define number of required respondents and target demographics. Surveys can also be sent to specific respondents based on preferences or consumption habits. One of our key strengths is the youthful profile of our panel which allows you to understand millennial behaviors and effectively research the trends of tomorrow.

Can I export results?

In addition to analyzing results directly in our dashboard, results can be exported in XLS, CSV, SPSS, and PDF.

Do you offer support in setting up surveys?

Appinio is designed as a do-it-yourself research platform, but our consultants are here to assist you in case you need any help. You can always contact us quickly and easily using the live chat feature.

When do I get my results?

Amost always on the same day you submit the survey. The first responses usually arrive in just seconds. Time until completion depends on granularity of targeting and can be as quicly as just a few minutes up to several hours, based on number of respondents and characteristics.

What data do I get with the results?

As soon as you start the survey, you will access and analyze the results in real-time in our dashboard. In addition to the actual survey answers, you receive corresponding demographics. You can filter results by demographics as well as content of specific answers.

What's your pricing?

We charge per completed survey. Prices per completed survey start a $1 and can increase based on specificity of targeting. For more information, please see our pricing page. 

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