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US Hype Tracker #9 2023

Hype Tracker


Discover the not-so-secret life of pets with the latest Appinio Hype Tracker Report on Pets, We'll investigate how many Americans have furry, feathery or scale-y companions, what are their pets' favourite treats and spending behaviours of pet owners.
US Hype Tracker #8 2023

Hype Tracker

Toys & Games

Unleash your inner child with the latest Appinio Hype Tracker Report on Toys and Games, We'll investigate purchasing habits and channels of Americans, what toys they buy and why. Join us and Sarah Gstrein, Global Product Director at tonies®, in this adventure.
Appinio FMCG Report US 2023


The FMCG Report: Food & Beverage

Get ready to get your business thrive with our latest market research report on FMCG. Dive into the fascinating world of consumer preferences, dietary choices, grocery shopping behavior, and brand awareness within the FMCG industry with this immersive report.
US Hype Tracker #7 2023

Hype Tracker

Digital Healthcare

Digitalization and AI promise to revolutionize the healthcare industry, so how will the industry look like and are consumers ready to embrace it? We explore the new healthcare industry with Sanya Deshpande, Senior Manager Brand Partnerships at ŌURA, the smart ring makers.
US Hype Tracker #6 2023

Hype Tracker

Women in Sports

The FIFA Women's World Cup is approaching, so together with Arianna Criscione, former professional player at Paris Saint-Germain and now Women’s Football Expert, we delve into the world of women's sports, the challenges faced by women athletes and consumers' perception of women's sports.
Teengeist Report US


Teengeist: Into the minds of Gen Z

Explore the captivating world of Gen Z! Uncover their preferences, values, and digital behaviour, delving into hobbies, politics, social issues, and their relationship with influencers. Gain a global perspective from the UK, US, Germany, France, and China, and connect with the future-shaping generation.
US Hype Tracker #5 2023

Hype Tracker

Subscription Economy

Subscription services like video and music streaming subscriptions, beauty boxes or meal kit subscriptions have made our life so much easier, so how many Americans are part of the subscription economy and subscribed to any of them?
BigGroupxAppinio Korean Influencers Report 2023-min


The impact of Korean Influencers in the UK and the US | Big Group x Appinio

Hallyu-lujah! Korean Influence and Influencers are making waves in the UK & US.
In partnership with Dr. Nethal Hashim from Big Group we explore how influencers act as a gateway to K-pop, K-beauty, BBQ and Korean Brands in Western markets.
US Hype Tracker #4 2023

Hype Tracker

Finance & Digital Banking

Personal finance is an essential part of our daily lives. Whether it's investing in stocks, retirement planning, paying off debt or maxing savings, financial literacy is crucial to achieving financial goals. 
But how much do Americans know about finance and financial products? Find out with the help of our expert Sidharth Shah from Novo.
US Hype Tracker #3 2023

Hype Tracker

Gaming & Esports

The gaming industry has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a simple pastime for children and young adults. 
So what's current state of gaming in the US? Find out with the help our amazing expert, Toan Nguyen from Jung von Matt NERD.
US Hype Tracker #2 2023

Hype Tracker

Dating & Relationship

Is Valentine's Day in or out? We took the opportunity to ask Americans all about their experiences in dating with the help of our incredible expert, Jorge Bueso from Spark Networks.
US Hype Tracker #1 2023

Hype Tracker

Sports & Athleisure

How many Americans exercise regularly and why do they exercise? What kind of workout gears and equipment do they own? Appinio has the answers and so much more, check out the Appinio Hype Tracker Report.
Amazon Shopper Report US Remazing x Appinio


Amazon shopper report US Remazing x Appinio

Everything you need to know about the buying behavior of the Americans when shopping on Amazon. Discover also the habits of French, German, Italian, Spanish and British buyers.
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 19

Hype Tracker

Skin care

How are Americans taking care of their skincare needs? What products do they use and how often? And how much do they spend on a typical month?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 18

Hype Tracker

Christmas and travel behavior

Are Americans planning to go on a trip during the Christmas season? Where? And how has the current economic situation impacted their Christmas budget?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 17

Hype Tracker

Oral and dental care

What are US respondents doing in order to take care of their oral and dental care? Would they be willing to swap for more environmentally friendly alternatives?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 16

Hype Tracker

Habits around frozen foods

How often do US respondents buy frozen foods? What brands of frozen food do they buy? Do they freeze food? Why? Are they freezing more foods due to the cost-of-living crisis and to avoid waste?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 15

Hype Tracker

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Are US respondents aware of Breast Cancer Awareness Month? What are beliefs and misconceptions on breast cancer? And, how do American women take care of their health? Learn all about the Breast Cancer Awareness in the US.
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 14

Hype Tracker

Sport consumption

How many US respondents follow sports? And how many play sports themselves? Furthermore, what is their opinion on equality in sports?
Retail Report US Data


Retail Report 2022 — US Data

Offline, online or both? Find out how American consumers shop and what's important to them when it comes to their shopping experience.
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 13

Hype Tracker

Alcohol consumption after the summer break

How many US respondents have had a tipple during the holiday? Are they now planning to reduce their alcohol consumption and are they interested in no- and low alcohol drink?
Appinio Future of Work Report 2022

Future of Work

Future of Work Report 2022 — US Data

The new normal! How has the pandemic affected our work life and how does the American workforce cope with that? 
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 12

Hype Tracker

Menopause: how informed are Americans on the topic?

We take a close look at the topic of menopause. How many have heard of it and know what it entails? How do American men and women differ in terms of knowledge?
US Crypto Spotlight


Crypto Spotlight

Who is investing in cryptocurrencies and how open are Americans to the topic in general?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 11

Hype Tracker

Back to school and inflation

Are American parents ready for their kids to “go back to school”? How will the current environment affect spending on school supplies? How are American parents planning to deal with increasing prices?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 10

Hype Tracker

Music festivals

Discover how Americans interested in music festivals. Are they going to attend one this summer? Which ones are the most popular and which brands are the most associated? Find out this week in our insights.
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 9

Hype Tracker

Streaming services & media consumption

How often do Americans use streaming services? Which streaming services do they have access to? Would they mind watching ads while binge watching on their favorite show?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 8

Hype Tracker

The second-hand market

How many Americans buy second-hand items? What are their reasons to buy second-hand? And what deters them from buy pre-owned items?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 7

Hype Tracker

The automotive industry: e-Mobility

How many Americans drive an EV or a PHEV? What are common advantages and disadvantages of electric cars? Do Americans think EV will take over?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 6

Hype Tracker

Inflation and cost of living crisis

How do Americans perceive changes in the cost of living and how concerned are they about the financial situation? How are they trying to reduce expenses? Are they borrowing money or adopting new payment options?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 5

Hype Tracker


All about audio: What kind of podcasts do Americans listen to and what's their favorite? 
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 4

Hype Tracker

Sports and fitness routines

How many Americans exercise regularly and why? Are parents more likely to exercise? What sport is the most popular? And what brands come to mind when it comes to sportswear?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 3

Hype Tracker

Happy Easter – Traditions and consumer behavior in 2022

Easter traditions and consumer behavior during the easter season. 
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 2

Hype Tracker

Conflict in Ukraine - brand attitudes and changes in consumer behavior

How is the war in Ukraine affecting consumers and what do they expect? Should brands position themselves or remain neutral? And: how worried are you about rising prices due to the situation?
Appinio Hype Tracker Volume 1

Hype Tracker

Sustainable Packaging

How informed do Americans feel? What is perceived as sustainable, who bears the responsibility and what is valued when purchasing?
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