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Supercharge your brand health tracker

This year, the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute published a book backed by years of academic research detailing a new way of measuring Brand Health based on the psychological principle of Mental Availability. If you haven’t heard of the approach yet, there is no way around this webinar! And if you have heard of it already, you still shouldn’t miss our Louise (Director of Research) deep diving into everything you need to know about Mental Availability and how to set up the perfect brand tracker based on the methodology.


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What's the webinar about?


Explore a new way of brand tracking

We will give a quick introduction on classic brand health tracking (and its current shortcomings), explain the new approach in detail and talk about the four main KPIs typically measured in the new Mental-Availability approach (and what they mean).



Learn from the expert

Time for a deep dive into the new approach based on the book "Better Brand Health" by Prof. Jenni Romaniuk from the Bass-Ehrenberg Institute. We will explain what Mental Availability, Category Entry Points and Mental Advantage are all about and how you can elevate your Brand Health Trackers and also your Campaign Effectiveness Measurements with them.


Deep Dive

Track the success of your brand

Learn how the different KPIs of this approach such as Mental Market Share, Mental Advantage or Network Size can help you better gauge the current state of your brand and predict future developments as well as reliably evaluate messaging / campaign effects.



Join the discussion

As always: There will be time for all your questions. Shoot away and Louise will answer.


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