Use Case

Visual Test

Let consumers be your co-creators. Ask what they think about your new logo, website or packaging and create designs that truly speak to your audience.

Advantages of Media Testing

  • Hero-Icon_Recognise

    Identify which ads are most effective and allocate your resources more efficiently.

  • Hero-Icon_Awareness

    Increase sales, brand recognition and customer engagement.

  • Hero-Icon_Health-1

    Know exactly what claim works with your target audience.

Ad Test

Ensure advertising success with an Ad Test

Fine-tune your campaigns, ensuring they hit the bullseye with your audience. Discover what works best, boost engagement and maximize your ROI with by testing your ad before it airs.


Claim Test

Captivate your audience with a winning claim

Craft winning messages that resonate with your audience, turning heads and driving action. Nail your messaging, boost brand impact and watch your growth.


Shelf test

Elevate your shelf game

Perfect your product placement and make your product stand out to customers. Beat the competition with a Shelf Test.


KPIs to measure

  • Hero-Icon_Health

    Brand Perception

  • Hero-Icon_Recognise

    Brand Awareness

  • Hero-Icon_Content

    Brand Image

  • Hero-Icon_Ad

    Share of Voice

  • Hero-Icon_Dashboard

    Media Appeal & Likability

  • Hero-Icon_NPS

    Media Channel Preference

  • Hero-Icon_Online-Shopping

    Ad Recall

  • Hero-Icon_Opinions

    Shelf Impact & Visibility

Essential Media Testing questions

  • For allocating your budget

    Which ads performed better with the target audience? What claims are the most successful?

  • For the perfect marketing strategy

    What is the impact of new media on my marketing mix? How many consumers can I reach?

  • For reaching the spotlight

    What is my best shelf strategy? Where should I place my product to obtain maximum visibility?

Visual testing explained (TO BE REMOVED)

  • A visual test helps to identify promising claims, logos, packaging design, or entire visual concepts before launching a campaign. This way, you can avoid making wrong and costly decisions and allocate your budget to what works best.
  • The monadic approach is the most suitable method for a visual test. Unlike a semi-monadic survey, this approach is more informative and less biased as respondents are shown only one visual per survey. This eliminates the possibility of participants being influenced by previous designs and answering differently.
  • Testing a visual image can range from logo test to advertising posters. It can be conducted by first conducting a target group analysis followed by survey creation or individual evaluations ("either-or"), asking about associations with desired terms (e.g. whether image evokes enjoyment, relaxation, etc.), then concluding direct comparison.

More use cases & methods

Evaluate how well your ads, claims, or creative elements perform with these methods


Visual test

Let consumers be your co-creators. Ask what they think about your new logo, website or packaging and create designs that truly speak to your audience.
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Brand awareness

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Campaign tracking

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Target group analysis

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Consumer tracking

Understand how consumers think and what drives their choices. From purchase frequency to product use, to drivers and barriers - we've got all the answers you need, in real time.
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