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Universidad Villanueva is one of Madrid's most prestigious private universities and offers a wide range of undergraduate and master's degrees related to communication, education, psychology, business and law.




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Concept Test




Universidad Villanueva turned to Appinio to ensure that the content of its new degrees was relevant and aligned with the needs of marketing employers, and to find out what prospective students' perceptions of current degrees are.
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Research setup

  • N

    Marketing and communication executives and future students

  • 48

    Hours field time

  • Kano

    Analysis used


Based on the results obtained, Universidad Villanueva was able to introduce changes and readjust the content of its degrees in order to adapt them as much as possible to the expectations of its potential students, as well as to...
  • checkmark

    Identify their most attractive elements

  • visualization

    Evaluate their fit with the workforce

  • content-consultation

    Correctly setting priorities at a critical time for the launch

  • Hero-Icon_Ad

    Identify the most important aspects for the communication and promotion of the degrees.

Why Universidad Villanueva loves Appinio

At Universidad Villanueva we know that listening is the first step to understanding our stakeholders. We relied on Appinio to design a survey that would allow us to obtain a holistic but very deep vision of the perception of our new degrees. The level of detail we obtained with the Kano model allowed us to make strategic decisions with confidence in order to structure these studies and their later communication.

Alejandro Matas García

Communications and Marketing

Alejandro - Universidad Villanueva

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