In-house use testing

Validate & launch products with confidence

Forget complex planning and tedious execution. Our hassle-free in-Home user testing comes with access to our global panel and dedicated research consultants which reduces costs, increases speed, and delivers valuable feedback.

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Get from questions to insights in less than 4 weeks

1 Customer | 10min

Contacting Appinio

2 Appinio | 1h

Feasibility check of target group

3 Customer | 30min

Discovery call for study design

4 Appinio | <1day

Proposal creation

5 Customer | individual

Questionnaire submission

6 Appinio | < 2 days

Questionnaire feedback & programming, target group screening

7 Customer | 2-5 days

Sending your products to our warehouse & green light

8 Appinio | ±14 days

Dispatching products, invitation send-outs, collecting & cleaning data

9 Customer | individual

Final analysis in live dashboard & export

Test your products with real people in real-world scenarios

  • Hero-Icon_Awareness-1

    First impressions

  • Hero-Icon_Usage

    Product usage

  • Hero-Icon_Compare

    Appeal & interest

  • icon-ease

    Product satisfaction

  • Hero-Icon_Frame

    Prototype testing

  • Hero-Icon_Ad-1

    Claims testing

  • Hero-Icon_Charting-and-reporting

    Packaging testing

  • Hero-Icon_Online-Shopping-1

    Purchase intent

What are the best use cases for IHut?

Testing new product prototypes


Measuring user satisfaction


Next level market research


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