In-house use testing

Validate & launch products with confidence

Forget complex planning and tedious execution. Our hassle-free in-Home user testing comes with access to our global panel and dedicated research consultants which reduces costs, increases speed, and delivers valuable feedback.


Get from questions to insights in less than 4 weeks

1 Customer | 10min

Contacting Appinio

2 Appinio | 1h

Feasibility check of target group

3 Customer | 30min

Discovery call for study design

4 Appinio | <1day

Proposal creation

5 Customer | individual

Questionnaire submission

6 Appinio | < 2 days

Questionnaire feedback & programming, target group screening

7 Customer | 2-5 days

Sending your products to our warehouse & green light

8 Appinio | ±14 days

Dispatching products, invitation send-outs, collecting & cleaning data

9 Customer | individual

Final analysis in live dashboard & export

Test your products with real people in real-world scenarios

  • Hero-Icon_Awareness-1

    First impressions

  • Hero-Icon_Usage

    Product usage

  • Hero-Icon_Compare

    Appeal & interest

  • icon-ease

    Product satisfaction

  • Hero-Icon_Frame

    Prototype testing

  • Hero-Icon_Ad-1

    Claims testing

  • Hero-Icon_Charting-and-reporting

    Packaging testing

  • Hero-Icon_Online-Shopping-1

    Purchase intent

What are the best use cases for IHut?

Testing new product prototypes

IHuts help companies get feedback on new product prototypes from real users to identify and address any issues before launch.


Measuring user satisfaction

IHuts gauge user satisfaction with existing products, identifying areas for improvement to boost customer retention.


Next level market research

IHuts provide valuable insights into consumer preferences, behaviors, and attitudes, helping businesses identify new market opportunities.


More questions? We have the answers!

  • Brands typically test 1 to 5 of their products, and some add in competitive products. Common products include food & beverage, cosmetics, supplements, home care, pet care, skin care, or durable goods such as home appliances.
  • Absolutely! Tell us anything your consumers should know about your product prior to consuming, or any instructions for use or preparation. We’ll make sure that testers get all the information beforehand.
  • While the sample size can be adjusted per your requirements and needs, we recommend at least n=100 as a sample size per product.
  • Four weeks from start to finish. We can have your product in consumers’ hands, and a live dashboard of data coming in, in a matter of days. This depends on how quickly we can set target group criterias (as it affects screening time) and how fast you can get your product to us.
  • Feel free to book a demo and we'll be more than happy to answer all your questions and how you can get started!

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