Appinio In-Home Use Testing

Product testing as it should be

Identify how your product will perform in the hands (and homes) of real consumers. Determine moments of truth and key drivers in order to validate, iterate and launch with confidence.

Forget complex planning, tedious execution, high costs and low speed & flexibility.


How In-Home Product Testing with Appinio works

  • Step 1

    Draft your questionare

    Make use of our templates or create your own customized survey.

  • Step 2

    Define your target group

    Reach exactly whom you want to reach with our own panel.

  • Step 3

    Ship your products to our warehouse

    We will handle all the logistics - just send us your products. We will take care of everything else from here.

  • Step 4

    Get into field and learn

    Use the dashboard to track, analyze and export results in real-time.

Meet consumers where they are

  • Ideation

    From white space exploration to need identification and concept testing

  • Prototyping

    Sensory, Pack and Message testing

  • Validation & Optimisation

    Efficiency and claims testing, Formula and Message refinement

  • Expansion

    Line extension, brand extension and benchmarking

Why Appinio for product testing?

  • fast

    Lightning Fast

    Get your results within days, not weeks or months.
  • cheap


    Tight budget? No problem. We offer a flexible pricing model tailored to your needs.
  • quality

    Data quality

    People intrinsically share their opinions every day.
  • High Completion

    Completion rates of over 80%.

More questions? We have the answers!

  • Brands typically test 1-5 of their products, and some add in competitive products. Common products are: food & beverage, cosmetics, supplements, home care, pet care, skin care or durable goods (bottles, home appliances)
  • Products we don't test (for now) are: age restricted products (tobacco and alcohol), cooled and frozen products
  • Absolutely! Tell us anything your consumers should know about your product prior to consuming, or any instructions for use/preparation. We make sure the testers get the information beforehand.
  • We recommend at least n=100 as a sample size per product, but we can go lower if needed.
  • <1 month from start to finish. We can have your product in consumers’ hands, and a live dashboard of data coming in, in a matter of days. This depends on how quickly you can get your product to us.
  • Our customers use us for a variety of use cases depending on product stage, lifecycle, vertical and goals. We are happy to discuss your needs in a first call.
  • Feel free to book a demo and we'll be more than happy to answer all your questions and how you can get started!

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