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Boosting ad recall

As one of the world’s leading premium alcohol producers, Jägermeister has been selling the world-famous herbal liqueur for over 80 years and is now present in over 140 countries.

To launch a new flavor in the USA and UK markets, Jägermeister needed to to test advertising creatives and this is where Appinio came into play.


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Test Type
Creative test




Jägermeister was launching a new flavor in the USA and UK markets. The marketing team was curious to find out if:
  • the advertising creative was eye-catching enough (and which elements in particular)
  • the new flavor stood out and was easy to grasp
  • the new product fitted the brand image
  • consumers were willing to try it and how this new flavor would primarily be consumed (as a shot or in a cocktail)
Frame 839

Research setup

  • 2000


  • 4

    Ad creatives

  • 14


  • 24

    Hours field time


When the initial ad creative didn't resonate so well with the target group, it was redesigned with less copy and a stronger visualization of the flavor, based on the feedback provided by the participants.
  • market-research

    Increase in ad recall

  • checkmark

    Improved brand fit

  • Hero-Icon_Purchase

    Higher trial intent

  • quality

    Better flavor perception

Why Jägermeister loves Appinio

We like to use Appinio for quick checks on our key visuals for Jägermeister. With Appinio, we get fast and clear consumer feedback regarding some important KPIs. This sets Appinio apart from other providers.

Susanna Kagerhuber

Head of Global Strategic Research & Insight bei Mast-Jägermeister SE

Susanna Kagerhuber_Mast-Jä

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