Balancing Purpose and Profit: B Corp Appinio Releases Inaugural Impact Report

Press Release · 12.12.2023 · 7min read

Appinio Impact Report

Hamburg, December 12, 2023 - The B Corp-certified global market research company Appinio has released its inaugural Impact Report, showcasing its commitment to scaling sustainably and unifying fiscal, social, and environmental responsibility. Since 2014, the VC-independent company has been a catalyst for change in the market research industry, driven by its overarching mission to make market research effortless and help companies make better decisions based on data. 2023 became a milestone year for the company, hitting 10,000 completed research projects for Appinio customers.


"As a B Corp, we are committed to constantly reviewing and transparently reporting on our social and environmental impact. We want to set a good example and demonstrate that building a profitable, high-growth business can go hand in hand with a commitment to the people around us and our environment”, says Max Honig, CEO of Appino.


  • Milestone Year 2023: 10,000 completed research projects for Appinio customers.
  • Overall B Impact Score of 90.6 – 50 is the median score for ordinary businesses.
  • Compensation of all carbon emissions since the foundation of Appinio.




Key facts: B Corp certification and report


In February 2023, the global market research company Appinio announced its certification as a B Corp, joining an international movement of purpose-led companies that meet B Corp's high standards of social and environmental responsibility and transparency. Appinio’s overall B Impact Score is 90.6, whereas 50 is the median score for ordinary businesses. Unlike traditional companies, B Corps are legally obligated to consider the impacts of their decisions on all stakeholders. Today, in line with this commitment, Appinio releases its comprehensive report on its social and environmental impact and sustainability strategy.


Key takeaways of the Impact Report

Sustainability strategy

Appinio's sustainability strategy, centered on optimizing resource usage and fostering digital solutions across industries, is dedicated to driving innovation and bridging the gap between businesses and stakeholder expectations. Key to this commitment is democratizing market research, ensuring insights are accessible to all while upholding data privacy as a fundamental right through Appinio's automated platform. Further, the company actively contributes to the industry's digital transformation, working to reduce its environmental footprint. With over 2,000 global companies relying on Appinio's platform, the strategy aligns with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and The Paris Agreement, employing reporting practices grounded in the principles of double materiality for a holistic approach to sustainability.

Environmental impact

In its unwavering commitment to UN’s SDGs, Appinio collaborates with partners, aligning with Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) criteria to reduce emissions across scopes 1 to 3. Rigorous emission reporting ensures progress tracking, initiative effectiveness assessment, and compliance with upcoming EU CSRD regulations. As a remote-first company, Appinio is dedicated to maintaining a minimal CO2 footprint, actively working towards net-zero goals. Since its inception, the company has diligently offset all carbon emissions, totaling 1181 tCO₂e over its years of operation. Additionally, the company supports afforestation, planting around 150 trees daily. Appinio is further committed to pledge 1% of its annual revenues to combat climate change.

Social impact

This inaugural Impact Report also focuses on the social responsibility of Appinio and the well-being of its employees. Appinio empowers individuals worldwide to have their voices heard, giving consumers the opportunity to shape products and services. Beyond being a successful and profitable company,  Appinio prioritizes culture, building a strong and connected remote-first workforce: Appinio’s vision is to seamlessly integrate work and life for individuals, eliminating the need to reshape personal lives around work schedules. In addition to Appionio’s Work From Anywhere Policy, the company extends this same trust and flexibility to the days off. By nurturing an inclusive workforce and leveraging digital solutions, Appinio aims to make a positive impact on global society.


Important links

  • The complete Impact Report can be found here.
  • More information on the B Corp label and the NGO B Lab is available on their website.



Über Appinio

Appinio is a global market research platform known for its innovative and effortless approach to market research. The platform allows businesses to quickly and efficiently survey specific target audiences and obtain real-time results. Appinio delivers millions of opinions daily from over 90 markets, serving more than 2,000 clients, including companies in consumer goods, mobility, technology, as well as leading agencies and consulting firms. Founded in 2014 by Jonathan Kurfess (Chairman), Max Honig (CEO), and Kai Granaß (CTO), the company is headquartered in Hamburg.


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