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Do you want to test concepts and designs, measure brand recognition or explore consumer associations? We provide your target group and together we develop a perfectly tailored survey solution.

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How it works

Create a survey

Make use of our templates or create your own customized survey

Appinio panel answers

Our participants receive a push notification about the new survey and respond immediately

Results within minutes

Use the dashboard to track, analyze and export results in real-time

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Highest data quality enabled through radically new collection methods

Respondents can answer surveys directly on their phone, allowing them to participate anywhere, anytime, to their greatest convenience.

<1% Dropout rate

Answering via app is fast and easy at any time. Consequently, panelists hardly ever abandon the survey.

Intrinsic motivation through gamification

The Appinio app is a social platform that allows users to exchange opinions. Monetary incentives only take a subordinate role.

Choosing the right target group for your survey

Do you want to survey females only? Only males below the age of 25? Only dog owners? Only vegans? From a selection of hundreds of predefined characteristics, you can choose precisely the target group you need to distribute your survey. Appinio enables market research in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Number of respondents

You decide how many participants your survey requires. Immediately after reaching your desired number of participants, the survey is completed. Usually, this only takes a few hours.


Create survey

Creating a survey

Market research can be so simple. Choose from a selection of different question types, ranging from classic single or multiple-choice questions to open-ended questions up to picture comparisons and even photo uploads by respondents. Thanks to the mobile-enabled survey app, Appinio leverages state-of-the-art data collection methods.


Various types of questions

Ranging from commonly used survey questions to photo and voice recordings uploaded by respondents. Use what best fits your needs.


You don't need expert knowledge

We like to simplify things and skip the technical jargon or unnecessary complexity. Anyone can use Appinio.

Free live support

Our market research experts are available in our live chat throughout the entire process. Of course, our live support is free of charge.


Select target group as needed

Select your target group based on hundreds of pre-defined features or

create new criteria that fit your needs.

Track and analyze results in real-time

After you submit the survey, our market researchers double-check and provide some final feedback before the survey goes live. No need to wait for responses, track and analyze them in real-time through our dashboard.


The analysis tool offers you various possibilities to filter, compare, and evaluate your results. Divide results by demographic factors, combine different questions, or export the data as PowerPoint, Excel, SPSS, or PDF report.


Please feel free to contact us if you require further analyses, charting, or practical advice from our consultants. Our market research experts are happy to assist you throughout the entire process.


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6 Reasons why you will love Appinio

Incredibly simple

No lengthy processes - with Appinio, anyone can carry out market research autonomously


Up to 1000 answers completed within 10 minutes


End-to-end automation and mobile technologies enable market research at a fraction of the usual cost


+1200 characteristics per participant and access to Millennials & Gen Z

All within one platform

Survey tool, panel operator, market research institute - Appinio is your all-in-one solution


Highest data quality through focus on user experience and intrinsic motivation

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Our market research experts are happy to help!

Are you looking for additional support to create your surveys? Our expert team is happy to consult you along the entire process. Just reach out to us.


Definition of target groups

We provide your target group for your survey and advise you in advance about the definition of the target group.


Creating a survey

You don't want to create the questionnaire yourself or need help with the structure & formulation? Let us know; we got you covered!


Filtering and randomization

Would you like to know more about topics such as filtering or randomization? We answer your questions and support you with the survey details.


Advice for practical implementation

Our analysis dashboard prepares detailed result outputs. If required, we also make further analyses, charts, and recommendations for practical implications.


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