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Understand how consumers think.

Create products and campaigns that consumers love. We’ll be by your side on every step of the way - from testing creatives and concepts, to refining the pricing strategy, to tracking brand performance and beyond.

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This is how it works

  • Step 1

    Draft a questionnaire

    Make use of our templates or create your own customized survey.

  • Step 2

    Define your target group

    With our panel you can reach your target group in 90+ countries and select from 1200+ characteristics to define exactly whom you want to reach.

  • Step 3

    Get results in minutes

    Use our interactive reports to track, analyze and export results in real-time.

Discover Use Cases for Marketing


Target group analysis

Gen Z or Millenials? Yoga lovers or CrossFit fans? Get a clear understanding of your target audience to create great products that they will actually need and love.
Read more


Brand awareness

Measuring brand image: What do consumers associate with a brand?
Read more


Logo test

How can a logo be tested and what needs to be considered?
Read more


Design test

Let your own target group have a say and ask how designs or ads are received by the target group as early as the conception phase.
Read more


Flexible data export

You see it, you like it, you want it, you got it! It takes one click to export any chart or piece of data from our dashboard into your reports. Pptx, xlsx or csv - you name it. Custom reports created by our superstar research consultants available upon request.



Multi-level Screening

Our research consultant team determines your target group as precisely as possible in a multi-stage process using preliminary surveys and always keeps an eye on the desired goals.



Interactive dashboard

Use our powerful interactive dashboard to play around with insights, create customized reports and share data with your colleagues or clients. All in real time.



Advanced analysis options

Whichever form of an in-depth analysis you might need to make the right decision, our team of top research consultants is there to help. Significance tests, TURF analysis, KANO analysis and many more are available.


Not convinced? Let's change that.

  • icon-ease


    Our platform is so intuitive, anyone can do it (no PhD in research needed)
  • fast


    <23 mins average field time for 1,000 respondents
  • people


    Define the right target group from 1200+ characteristics and survey it in over 90 countries
  • consulting

    Expert advice

    Our dedicated research consultants will guide you through every step of the way
  • quality

    Superior data

    Through focus on user experience and intrinsic motivation
  • dashboard


    Powerful interactive reports to answer all of your questions

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