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Founded in 1958, EAE Business School is an international business school based in Madrid and Barcelona.

As a global entity, it is essential for EAE Business School to have a detailed picture of its brand awareness in the countries where it carries out strategic marketing actions.




Test Type
Multi-country Brand
Awareness Tracking


8 countries in
Europe and America


The challenge consisted of finding a way of integrating the results of the most recent surveys with those of their historical tracking and providing an interactive and dynamic way of sharing their results with the C-suite and critical departments, in order to be able to make strategic decisions.
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Research setup

  • N

    Young professionals

  • 2

    Weeks field time


Once the survey had been completed, EAE Business School was able to access an individual dashboard for each country, as well as two dashboards with regional comparisons (Europe and LATAM), in order to compare the results of its historical tracking with the most recent one. 
  • checkmark

    Measuring the efficiency of its on-the-go campaigns

  • reinvented

    Multiplying the information flow to adapt its strategies

  • visualization

    Full visibility of its evolution by tracking integration

  • engagement

    Improved KPI visualization and granularity of analysis

Why EAE loves Appinio

Thanks to Appinio we have been able to increase the frequency in obtaining results, the analysis depth and have managed to expand markets and targets in an agile and simple way. With Appinio we have been able to obtain a more direct market pulse and we are able to make decisions more quickly.

Aroa Corvillo Calzada

Director of Marketing and Communications at EAE Business School

Aroa Corvillo Calzada - EAE

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