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Test concepts and designs, measure brand recognition or explore consumer associations. We provide your target group and together we develop a perfectly tailored survey solution.

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Entertainment-based approach to market research enables high-speed panel

Appinio conducts market research in more than 90 countries worldwide. Upon request, we also offer translation services for surveys. 


The smartphone is superior to other devices when it comes to conducting market research surveys:


  1. Participants can be reached at any time of the day & surveys are answered and completed extremely quickly
  2. Usage of images, video or audio is a standard feature
  3. Quality assurance mechanisms are highly reliable

Opinions per day

Hundreds of opinions delivered per minute


Survey Responses

Carefully balanced survey structure enables representative market research


Dropout rate

Answering is fast and easy, so that respondents hardly ever abandon a survey

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Our panelbook contains all information regarding the Appinio panel and our research methods.

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Appinio is a platform for opinions

People enjoy sharing their opinions and seeing what others think. That's why we’ve designed Appinio as the go-to opinion-platform. Driven by the pure pursuit of curiosity, users spend most of their time answering brief multiple choice questions and are given the chance to see how they match up against their peers.


What makes Appinio special?


  1. Immediate comparison of opinions with other users
  2. Users create their own questions and receive feedback from the community
  3. Credits earned through answering surveys can be donated or used in form of vouchers

Gamification and mobility enable highest data quality

These factors enable Appinio to deliver extremly high data quality, which cannot be met by traditional online-panels.

Intrinsic motivation

Keyword rewards. Continuously updated and relevant content, elements of gamification and the mobile-optimized design offer entertainment for our users and in turn increase response quality. Contrary, in traditional market research, panelists participate for a single reason: They get paid.


Balanced panel composition

Due to this unique approach to activate intrinsic motivation of users, the Appinio panel represents a well balanced sample of the population, rather than a selection of participants with an affinity for market research.

Intrinsic motivation
Innovative screening

Through its mobile approach and a subtle screening process, Appinio achieves an extremely high data quality which cannot be achieved with traditional survey methods. Much of this is due to the innovative screening process, that determines which participants qualify for certain surveys.

Contrary to traditional market research, Appinio detaches screening questions from surveys. The traditional market research approach, which places screening questions at the beginning of a questionnaire, often suffers from poor data quality because participants give biased answers to screening questions, hoping to participate in more surveys, and to gain more rewards. To overcome this bias, the screening questions in the Appinio app are short, subtle and completely detached from the survey. This eliminates the link between the screening question and the survey, so that respondent biases can be greatly reduced. 


Detached screening questions

Consequently, Appinio questionnaires do not require screening questions and are only played out to participants who previously qualified by answering a short screening question. This also avoids the frustrating experience of screen outs, in which a survey is closed for a participant shortly after it starts and the participant is left without any rewards. The innovative screening process ensures Appinio’s high data quality which is hardly achievable by other online survey methods.

Innovative screening
Mobile enabled optimization

Being a native app, Appinio is designed with a great user experience and easy answering of surveys in mind. Compared to other survey methods, such as browser enabled survey solutions, Appinio surveys better support images, videos or voice recordings and are more reliable. For instance, questions in which participants are asked to take a picture or video would not be possible in a browser solution.


User engagement

Due to the entertaining, partly thought-provoking contents of our app, Appinio maintains a very high user engagement. Users open the app on average 6 times a day and then spend several minutes answering questions and collecting coins. Owing to this high user engagement, as well as the ability to send push notifications to users, Appinio can collect thousands of opinions within minutes.

Mobile & Engagement
Quality of open-ended questions

The high motivation of participants also reflects in the answering of open-ended questions: More than 90% of open-ended questions are supported with detailed and relevant answers.

Quality of open-ended questions

At Appinio, we greatly emphasize and value a representative dispersion of our panel, and therefore use a wide variety of sources for user recruitment. In addition, the underlying structure, which enhances intrinsic motivation, minimizes the number of “incentive-hunters”.



One user, one device: Appinio's mobile panel consists exclusively of verified participants. Each panelist is limited to one mobile device. This ensures that users cannot set up multiple accounts on one device in order to earn more coins. One person, one device, one account.

Data cleansing

The app automatically recognizes and filters click throughs and atypical answers–straightliners and speeders don’t stand a chance. Further, control questions ensure user attention and data quality. 

Data cleansing

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Motivating and rewarding Appinio users

In addition to allowing users to share and compare opinions, Appinio also builds on the benefits of gamification. Next to feedback from the community, participants collect coins once they complete a survey, which they can use to post their own questions. Within just a few minutes, users receive hundreds of anonymous answers to their questions from other users. Alternatively, coins can be donated or exchanged for vouchers.

Push notifications

Mobile push notifications allow to prompt users to answer surveys at any time

High user engagement

Through networking with the Appinio community and other social features, Appinio becomes a favorite app for many users

Close to people

Market research with a human approach - Appinio collects opinions directly from people's everyday lives

10,000 opinions in a few minutes

Many surveys are completed by hundreds of respondents within a few minutes

Users open the app multiple times a day

The Appinio App offers various incentives. From comparing opinions and gamification to creating your own short questions

Market research reinvented 

Instead of trying to squeeze traditional market research into a mobile format, Appinio has redefinded market research