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Mystery shopping is a market research method that allows companies to check their own customer service and customer experience

16.08.2023 | 8min read

Mystery Shopping for Beginners: Enhancing Customer Experience Through Objective Evaluations

Have you ever imagined detectives embarking on a covert mission? While mystery shopping may bring up such dramatic images, the...
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The Ansoff Matrix lets you explore market penetration, development, diversification, and product strategies

16.08.2023 | 9min read

The Ansoff Matrix: Exploring Growth Opportunities

Looking into entering new markets or understanding how you can make the most of your existing products in existing markets?Then...
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Measure perceptions, improve brand perception, and optimise strategies with the Semantic Differential Scale.

16.08.2023 | 8min read

The Semantic Differential Scale: The Power of Perceptions in Market Research

Market researchers are always on the lookout for innovative tools that can provide deeper insights into consumer behavior and...
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Regression analysis: precise market analyses with Appinio

03.07.2023 | 7min read

Regression analysis: Precise Forecasts and Predictions

Regression analysis plays a vital role in contemporary market research, offering a powerful tool for making accurate forecasts...
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Woman sitting at her laptop with coffee in her hand

03.07.2023 | 11min read

Qualitative & Quantitative Survey Methods: Online Surveys for your Market Research Needs

What perception does the public have of my company? How effectively is the new advertising campaign resonating with the target...
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The Delphi method creates clearer forecasts than the ancient oracle through multi-stage question rounds.

22.06.2023 | 8min read

The Delphi Method: Unlocking the Power of Expert Forecasts

Unlocking the secrets of the future has always been a captivating quest, driving individuals and businesses to seek innovative...
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Coworkers conducting a target market expansion and segmentation workshop

01.06.2023 | 12min read

Target Market Expansion – How to grow by expanding your target market

In the dynamic landscape of business, growth and sustainability are paramount. To thrive in a competitive marketplace, companies...
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Coworkers conducting a SWOT analysis workshop with a whiteboard and post-its

01.06.2023 | 14min read

SWOT analysis - What is and how to conduct it?

The SWOT analysis is a valuable tool used by organisations and individuals alike to evaluate their current situation, make...
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Two people viewing charts

06.03.2023 | 16min read

Sample size & margin of error: use Appinio's online calculators for bulletproof surveys

Whether it's about political sentiment, customer satisfaction, the Appinio Hype Train or a company employee survey, surveys are...
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People at the table on laptops

13.12.2022 | 18min read

Understanding Market Research: Everything You Need to Know About Market Research Methods

Conducting market research is the best way to ensure the success of your business idea, but it can seem daunting at times.Appinio...
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Two women on laptops

20.10.2022 | 7min read

How to use HR surveys?

Introduction Corporate success is significantly linked to the performance of the employees - no matter whether we talk about a...
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People putting down post-its

20.10.2022 | 8min read

Implicit Association Testing (IAT)

95 percent of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously, according to studies such as the one conducted by Harvard...
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