Sample size calculator

The results of a survey are considered representative when the outcomes of the survey accurately reflect the overall population. Depending on the desired margin of error, confidence level and standard deviation you can calculate the minimum sample size you need so the results can be considered representative.

The margin of error tells you how close your results reflect the views from the overall population. An acceptable margin of error used by most researchers typically falls between 3% and 8% at the 95% confidence level.
The probability that the sample accurately reflects the attitudes of your population. 95% is most commonly used.
The standard deviation reflects how much the response behaviour of the population varies around the average. 0.5 is the default value and serves most use cases.

Only adjust this value if you see a low variance in the the response behaviour of your sample or use the chat for help.

Sample Size

To stay within the desired margin of error, your sample size should be at least {sample}.

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