Appinio x Kave Home

Solidifying the communications strategy

Julià Grup and Kave Home has become the leading global furniture design, manufacturing and distribution group with a presence in more than 80 countries.

Kave Home was in a research phase to determine the direction of its communication strategy. To do this, it was necessary to understand the brand's starting point among its target audience - a key exercise when investing resources in advertising.


Furniture and decor


Test Type
Brand Tracking


Spain & France


Through the research carried out with the help of Appinio, the aim was to determine the level of awareness, use and existing attitudes of the brand and its competitors.
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Research setup

  • N

    (Prospective) Furniture and decor buyers

  • 700


  • 75%

    Women & 25% Men

  • 5

    Days field time


Once the research was completed, Kave Home had access to key data on its target group in order to focus its communication strategy on a specific brand positioning. 
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    Identify how its target audience speaks about the brand

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    Define optimal channels for message uptake

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    Determine the direction of its advertising investment

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    Understand which message to include in its communication

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    Competition analysis: existing opportunities and threats

Why Kave Home loves Appinio

Thanks to Appinio, we have been able to understand how our brand is positioned in each of our markets. It has allowed us not only to compare and track our brand awareness, but also to understand how we should adjust our marketing to the expectations of each target group through the various country analysis dashboards that we obtain.

Judith Hernández

Brand & Digital Content Manager at Kave Home

Judith Hernández

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