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Psychographic Target Group Analysis

Understanding your target group should go beyond sociodemographic information. Leverage behavioral science to learn what really moves your audience.

Why Psychographic analysis?

Triggering consumer behaviors = better business outcomes

Companies want to convince people to choose their offer, to recommend them, to use them more often, to work with them etc. So what we want to achieve in the end, is a specific consumer behavior.

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Making a meaningful difference

Start with why

Sociodemographic and attitudinal data are a good starting point, as they inform teams about WHO consumers are and WHAT they do. 

However, those methods overlook the critical question of WHY consumers do what they do and how how brands can leverage this knowledge.

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Our psychological models give insight into what do people strive for in their lives (motives)

  • service


    Gaining influence & control
  • Target


    Striving for success & efficiency
  • people


    Increasing social bonds & sense of belonging

...and what shapes their decision making (attitudes)

  • Target


    Tendency towards gut feeling
  • operation-support


    Tendency towards purposeful thinking
  • Frame 2428


    Tendency towards proven methods

Reading people's behavioral drive from data

To understand audiences better, Cronbach develops algorithms that are based on established models of behavioral psychology and state of the art data science. The quality of their diagnostic tools sets standards.
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Leverage psychographic data to answer your team’s most pressing questions

  • Strategy

    Which type of consumers are the easiest to convert? What drives the behaviour of my target group? What does my competition appeal to?

  • Product & Services

    What product / service attributes are our costumers looking for - And why?Which benefits could be particularly effective in convincing those customers?

  • Communication

    What storytelling and visuals will resonate the most among our audience? Which benefits could be particularly effective in convincing customers?

  • Media

    How do I find my target group online - even without cookies? Which media channels might work particularly well?

  • CX & CRM

    How will I be able to identify users online - and even offline? What kind of user experience caters for their mindset?

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