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We work hard to make your life easy. From conjoint to target group analyses and beyond, our powerful all-in-one platform has got all the tools you might need. Get access to a global panel in 90+ countries, interactive reports and our team of in-house research experts to bounce ideas off (all in real time).

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Empowering Market Researchers: Appinio's game-changing approach

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    Global Reach, Precise Targeting

    Market Researchers often face challenges in accessing diverse and representative sample data. Appinio offers you a global panel of respondents spanning 90+ countries, and even a wider range of demographics, regions, and consumer segments.
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    Swift Data Collection, Uncompromised Quality

    We know striking a balance between quick data collection and maintaining quality is crucial for Market Researchers. The Appinio platform enables you to collect data timely without ever compromising accuracy or reliability.
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    Actionable Insights, clear and easy

    Analyzing extensive data sets can be daunting, affecting the extraction of meaningful insights. With intuitive dashboards and advanced analytics capabilities, Appinio supports you in processing and visualizing data efficiently, creating interactive reports in real-time. Exporting data is a breeze, get them in pptx, xlsx, csv or spss.

Discover use cases for Market Researchers

What are the most common use cases and methods Market Researchers can use to gather insightful data for decision-making?

Use case

Consumer tracking

Website_Psychographic analysis_01

Use case

Media testing


Use case

Customer satisfaction


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Appinio is an innovative and agile tool that allows us to get fast, valuable and actionable insights with great customizable dashboards to develop our ideas based on consumer's needs.

Tina Tran

Consumer & Shopper Insight Manager

Tina Tran_PepsiCo

How Market Researchers can use Appinio

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