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The Retail Report - what does the UK retail landscape look like in 2022?

The retail industry is (and continues to be) one of the most affected by the sudden changes brought on by the pandemic. Supply chain disruptions, shops forced to downsize – or worse – shut down permanently, post-apocalyptic empty shelves; definitely a rough patch.


Therefore, Britons have been doubling down on online shopping, making it a super fast-growing e-commerce market. We can’t say that the pandemic is over, but could we see encouraging signals? Or has the pandemic put an additional nail in the coffin for a stagnating brick-and-mortar retail trade? What remains of the pressure that the COVID-19 pandemic put on online retail? How do British consumers imagine shopping in the future?


Market research firm Appinio teamed up with e-commerce experts from Spryker to find out. In order to gain insight into the current retail landscape, 2,000 people in the UK, nationally representative according to age and gender, were asked about their shopping behaviour, habits and routines.


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